Brain Endowment Bank

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The University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank is a biorepository and research resource of human brain tissue. For almost 30 years, we have been committed to providing the scientific community with brain and tissues to investigate neurological and psychiatric diseases with the hope of bringing about new pharmaceutical treatments and ultimately cures for disorders that affect the human brain. The staff at the Brain Bank is dedicated to providing healthy age-matched biospecimens to the research community. We attempt to fulfill protocol requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ethical procedures are assured. All brain tissue is procured, stored, and distributed according to applicable regulations and guidelines involving consent, protection of human subjects and donor anonymity. The University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank™ may direct you to other NIH NeuroBioBank collections if we are not able to support your research study.

We request that all published scientific articles and monographs acknowledge that brain tissues were obtained from the University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank™ which is funded by NIMH, NINDS, and NICHD.

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